Global dialogue and learning for democracy and sustainability

What is it about?

The project OUR VOICES – OUR PLANET introduces activists from democracy and sustainability movements from all over the world as well as their challenges and best practices for global and ecologically just transformation. Experts from the Global South and North develop together analogue and digital educational methods and tools, through which the links between democracy and sustainability become clear and people can be empowered to participate in sustainability and democracy processes.  The target groups are interested adults, youths/young adults and teachers of Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development.


Climate protection, the fight against poverty and injustice and other global challenges require not only an appropriate political framework but also the democratic participation of all. Today, there are democracies almost everywhere in the world. Individuals or civil society organisations are active in the fight against social, political and environmental injustices and in initiating global change towards sustainability. However, right-wing extremism and other anti-democratic movements, nationalism and misanthropy are on the rise. The protection of fundamental rights and political participation is threatened in many places. Particularly vulnerable groups are often excluded from participation in political events and an increasing restriction of civil society’s scope for action can be observed worldwide.

We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved in an open society in which people can actively contribute their ideas and in which they can drive change. But, which requirements do current global challenges place on democratic participation processes locally and globally? How does democracy has to be (re)defined and shaped in order to enable global sustainability and the active participation of all? An what role does education play for democracy and sustainability? OUR VOICES – OUR PLANET discusses these and other questions with interested people from all over the world.