The Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists started together with Peer-Leader-International, VNB and VEN the international blog Bridge the Distance. INSIGHTS ON CORONA. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecing all of us. In the blog, people from all over the world tell us about their experiences, reflect about their everyday reality, about the changes they are facing in their personal and professional lives as well as in their countries due to the global Corona crisis. They give us their insights about what have changed and what will change. Further questions are: What role could we play with our global view? What does that mean for the work on a sustainable future? What does the education for it look like? And what can we do not to forget that the above mentioned challenges still exist and intensify the negative effects of the crisis?

Since this is an open blog, you are free to send us pictures, texts (essays, letters, thoughts, poems …), video or audio files in English or German language for publication. Be part of a growing think tank and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, fears and hopes about the Corona Crisis with others.

We are sure: There are stories to be told and voices to be heard!